Like all good stories, this one starts somewhere on the countryside at a very old farm. Eva was born in 1989 in the East of Holland, near to the border with Germany. Her parents had lived and studied in Amsterdam, and at some point decided they wanted to move to where they could hear the birds sing and have their horses by the house. 

She was the kind of kid that walked barefoot outside, climbed trees, made up stories and loved to read and sketch. After moving from the Far East to the Wild West, she had to decide what to make of her life. All seemed so interesting and exciting, choosing was difficult. 

After finishing a year of Psychology at the UvA she moved on to a bachelor in Criminology at the VU. When finished she moved to Cape Town. For the one and only reason to see the world, to travel and seek adventure. In Cape Town Eva signed with her first modeling agency. This would be a nice way to keep busy, to get to know people and to earn some extra money. After Cape Town followed Paris and London. Loving the travel, but wanting something extra besides a modelling career, Eva moved back to Amsterdam and resigned at the VU to finish a master in International Law. Having learned so much and all so interesting, she also learned that all occupations come with their own certain vibe and ways, where some thrive better than others. 

Loving the vibe of creators, producers and artists, their minds and their ways, who she had worked with for the past few years as a model, Eva decided a more creative occupation would suit her better. With the sketching and painting she loved so much as a kid in mind and driven by the passion to create, Eva completed several courses which led to a variety of new skills followed by amazing creatieve work opportunities.

Now Eva is busy as a fashion designer, producer and art director with a passion for photography and art. 

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